Ford AdvanceTrac

    What is Ford AdvanceTrac?

    Driving in more inclement conditions, especially over slick terrains like ice and snow, will show to remain quite an annoyance for drivers. Sustaining tension to manage these regions is clearly no simple effort. 

    Ford AdvanceTrac enables the motorist to maintain the sufficient stability of a vehicle in difficult areas flush with ice, snow, or gravel and dry roads. The AdvanceTrac technology serves to improve the resistance and friction control of the vehicle, and the engine is intended to enhance the stopping inclination on slippery roads. 

    How does it work?

    The technology operates to power tiny gyroscopic sensors that enable excerpts of your vehicle’s drive about 150 times per second. The motor increases the brake strength for balance in case either oversteering, understeering, or wheel slippage is identified. Braking is improved by adding pressure to the wheels to reduce the vehicle and bypass any unintended departures from the road. 

    AdvanceTrac technology is pre-installed and does not expect any activation. The technology continually observes your car’s drive and mechanisms to present you with the most suitable driver’s assistance. 

    AdvanceTrac is especially effective during severe weather circumstances. In tough winds and snow, the driver’s perceptibility is diminished, and this creates challenges for a person to stay on course. The technology pinpoints any before-mentioned instability and increases the engine to implement sufficient friction. 

    Added Features

    Accompanying AdvanceTrac, the vehicle is outfitted with several added complementary safety features. 

    • Including Trailer Sway Control, the engine is intended to contribute endurance and stability to the vehicle that is towed by your car.
    • The 4 Wheel Drive technologies utilize the engine's output to advance the torque on every wheel concurrently. 
    • Hill Start and Hill Descent Control encourage the driver to control the stability of the vehicle on inclines.
    • Traction Control sustains balance at turns and curves
    • The Terrain Management System stimulates the torque and throttle tool in the car to steer through rugged surfaces

    AdvanceTrac technology is inevitably one of the most reliable driver assistance characteristics in the automobile trade. Among this technology, you can guarantee stability and safety and whereby intensify the driving experience.  Visit us at University Ford of Durham in Durham, NC for more information!

    Source: Ford