Bronco 2 door and Bronco 4 door in the desert at sunset.

After over two decades of absence in the auto market, the Ford Bronco is ready to take the market by storm. The new 4-door model looks contemporary and is a good upgrade when compared to its earlier version. There are lots of optional equipment and aftermarket accessories too, which make the 2021 Ford Bronco capable enough to take on any off-road conditions. The SUV makes it to the best of 2021 Ford lineup vehicles, with a robust exterior and a stylish, modern interior. The removable roof and doors further add to the...continue reading

Spring is the season for long drives. But is your car ready for those drives? We give you some car care tips to get your car ready for spring.

1. Examine Your Tires

Your tires should be in good condition otherwise your long drives can turn into a nightmare or result in fatal accidents. The cold season has the tendency to reduce tire pressure. This could result in over-inflation or under-inflation. Check if the tire pressure is maintained according to the owners manual.

After checking the tire pressure check the...continue reading

2021 Ford Ranger in Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat on a curved road towing a boat

The 2021 Ford Ranger happens to be the sole truck in its category, which is equipped with a gas turbo engine. The Ranger features an EcoBoost 2.3L engine, as well as, a ten-speed automatic transmission. The engine helps in generating a horsepower of 270 and a torque of 310 pound-feet.

The estimated mileage offered is 21 mpg on city roads and 266 mpg on highways.

There are two distinct body lengths and body styles with the Ford Ranger. The vehicle offers a four-wheel-drive as an optional feature. Its three trim...continue reading

Man loading cargo into rear space of 2021 Ford Expedition

Even its harshest critics would agree that the 2021 Ford Expedition offers abundant passenger space and cargo room. Even though its infotainment system is slightly quirky, it is simple to use.

Cargo Space 

The Expeditions cargo space depends on which model is chosen and how its seats are positioned. If you opt for a standard-wheelbase model, there is a space measuring 19.3 cubic feet to 20.9 cubic feet behind the 3rd row. In case the 3rd row is folded down, space expands between 57.5 cu ft. to 63.6 cu...continue reading

Bronco 2 door and Bronco 4 door in the desert at sunset.

The Ford Bronco is back for 2021 and it comes in six trim options with a brand new and limited First Edition model. All the trims offer noteworthy off-road performance and interior comfort. Here's what you need to know about the 2021 Ford Bronco trims.


Powered by a standard 2.4L Inline 4 Regular unleaded engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission, this trim offers very high-performance for a base model. There is also the option of a more powerful 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine and a 7-speed manual transmission.

BIG...continue reading