Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus in Durham is a classic beauty both on the outside as well as the inside. This large sedan packs in more features than the previous years. Its reasonably priced and comes with more than what other big and pricier sedans similar to it offer.

The Ford Taurus is available in the SE, SEL, Limited, and SHO models. While most of the features are standard in the Limited and SHO models, they are available for the SE and SEL models.

Standard features in Limited and SHO models:

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Ford Security and Safety

Every so often the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reviews safety requirements and updates the standard safety requirements of all automobiles in the U.S. As a result, safety features that were a luxury a few years ago have now become mandatory for all vehicles. From better material used to build the exterior to technologically-assisted safety features, safety is not an option any more. Its a necessity, and the more safety features the better protected you are.

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2019 Ford Fiesta

Spoilt for choice thats what the 2019 Ford Fiesta in Durham is all about. Hatchback or sedan? EcoBoost engine or the standard one? Sporty or Economy? The world is moving away from hatchbacks to crossovers, and Ford will probably go that way over the next decade or so; but for now, its given us the sleek, stylish and sporty Fiesta a spacious vehicle that offers more choice than any other.

Spoiled for choice?

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is available in the S, SE, ST Line, and ST models in 10 brilliant colors....continue reading

2019 Ford Edge

2019 Ford Edge | University Ford

If you arent looking for a high-end car thats dripping with innumerable trims, the 2019 Ford Edge SUV could be the right choice for you. This midsize crossover by Ford has been around for a few years now, but the 2019 version has some new trims that promise to deliver a new driving experience. At first glance, the 2019 Ford Edge crossover comes across as a very practical and compact, 5-seater family car which it certainly is. But there is a more exciting side to the Edge. Its quick...continue reading

Ford F-450

The 2018 Ford Explorer I University Ford

The 2018 Ford Explorer is a new Ford in Durham that is packed full with upgraded technology, luxurious interior, and a rugged exterior. Some luxury interior features include Auxiliary rear climate controls, a twin-panel moonroof, and cavernous interior room with 60/40 split seats which fold-flat for ultimate kick back room!

Safety and security are concepts that are paramount for the new Ford Explorer. Some incredible safety features include AdvanceTrac with Roll...continue reading

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