Preparing Your Car for Summer

It’s vacation time in America. You’ve planned a drive vacation, mapped a route, booked several hotels, and made a list of all the places you’d like to see. But before you head out, do visit your nearest Ford dealerships in Durham NC, to prep your car for its summer road trip adventure.

Here’s a car-care checklist that will help your vehicle get ready for summer vacation:

1. Tire and Tire Pressure

Check all four tires. Ensure there’s a spare tire too. You need to look out for sidewall bulges, cuts, and gouges. Insert a quarter into the grooves to examine the treads. If you’re able to see George Washington’s head, new tires are in order.

Once the tires have been idle for some time, check the tire pressure. Inflate the tires according to Southpoint Ford recommendations.

2. Check the Brakes

Do you feel a vibration or hear grinding sounds when you hit the brakes? If so, it’s time for a car brake inspection. The dealership will look at the brake system, including the pads, fluids, drums, and shoes.

3. Battery

The battery is next on your summer car care list. To check this out, hold the hardware down to check if it’s secure. Get the service professional to look at the remaining capacity.

4. Engine Oil and Fluids

In this car-care checklist, there is a whole list of oils and fluids that must be checked before you head out on a drive. This includes the following:

- Engine oil

- Brake fluid

- Coolant

- Power Steering fluids

- Transmission fluids

These are just a few fluids that must be checked. When you’re topping up, ensure the products are recommended by Ford. Check your owner’s manual.

5. Wiper blades and Windshield Cleaner

Without this, you cannot travel safely. Your wiper blades are made from rubber and naturally deteriorate with time. If you’re blades leave streaks or don’t clear the windshield very well, it’s time to replace the blades. Don’t forget to top up the washer reservoir. This is a special fluid formulation, designed to repel debris and insects.

Get your car ready for the summer with these five car-care tips. Visit your nearest Ford dealerships in NC today. For the best offers, drop by the University Ford dealership in Durham, NC, which also serves customers from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Cary. 

Source: Ford