It's Electric! The Mustang-Inspired Hybrid Is Ready To Roll In 2020!

Honda Insight

The Mustang-Inspired Hybrid is coming! Stay tuned if you reside in or near Durham, NC.

2020 is an exciting year. Not only will the year be flanked by even numbers, but the Mustang-inspired hybrid will be launching at University Ford of Durham! We invite all of our customers in Durham, NC, to join us for this electrifying time! The key components of this ingenious design are as follows.

All-Electric Vehicle

  • Powered completely by a rechargeable battery

  • The vehicle can be charged in the Ford-branded 240-volt home charging station from AeroVironment

  • Zero CO2 Emission Deposits

  • Electric Motor

  • Charger Port

  • Lithium-ion Battery

    Hybrid: Part Gas + Part Electric = Amazing Ride

  • Capable of driving like an electronic vehicle for short trips and a hybrid for long trips

    Gas Engine + Battery Driven Electric Motor

  • Seamlessly switches between the electric motor, gas engine, or a combination of both elements creating a functional ride

  • Ability to recharge the battery when the driver utilizes the gas engine and the regenerative braking feature

  • Turbocharging and direct injection deliver extra power with great low-end torque responsiveness

    The Mustang-inspired Hybrid vehicle is going to be BIG. We at University Ford of Durham can already tell. Join the movement to go green and stay up-to-date on all of the fuel-efficient and innovative vehicles and concepts present and future at University Ford of Durham in NC.

    Source: Ford