Announcing the 2019 Ford Fiesta: Choices Galore!

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It’s Always a Fiesta in the 2019 Ford Fiesta at University Ford of Durham!

Who doesn’t love a Fiesta!? At University Ford of Durham we want to see you appreciating and enjoying all the amazing features the 2019 Ford Fiesta has to offer! One of our favorite parts of the Ford Fiesta is the personalization of the vehicle. There are countless opportunities for you to create and construct the perfect 2019 Ford Fiesta for you in Durham, NC.

The two Ford models up for grabs are the Sedan and the Hatchback, each with their own respective perks. The 2019 Ford Fiesta Sedan boasts a trunk space with 12.8 cubic feet of capacity and 60/40 split rear seats while the 2019 Ford Fiesta hatchback contains 14.9 cubic feet of rear space with also with 60/40 split rear seat backs and when the seats are lowered, the cubic feet space increases to 25.4 cubic feet. After you finish choosing your model, it is all about color! Bold and bright colors available on both the Sedan and the Hatchback range from Lightning Blue, Bahai Bay Mint, Outrageous Green Metallic, and of course you can forget Shadow Black!? Whether you want to stand out with adventurous bolds or blend in with complement with basic tones, the 2019 Ford Fiesta in Durham has you covered.

Some incredible features in the 2019 Ford Fiesta include a conveniently placed smart charging USB ports and available SYNC3 which continues the technological trend by offering responsive voice-activated technology that aids the driver by locating everything from your favorite bookstore to how to navigate through the evening traffic patterns in Durham. Voice navigation, up the minute traffic announcements, and even Amazon Prime Shopping are just three of the ways the interior technology of the 2019 Ford Fiesta will make your life and your driving experience like none of you ever experienced before within the smartphone era.

If color is what you are after in your new Ford in NC then the 2019 Ford Fiesta has you covered. The new Ford Fiesta offers customers seven different interior color combination to choose from along with feather soft materials, available ambient lighting and metallic-painted accents to create your perfect 2019 Ford Fiesta. In the 2019 Ford Fiesta base model, starting at a shockingly low price point of $14,260, cozy interior features are displayed through intricate details. Carpeted front floor mats, rear-seat heat ducts, driver’s left footrest, and the list goes on and on with the already included buffet of technological and functional amenities that can be discovered in the 2019 Ford Fiesta.

Personalize your 2019 Ford Fiesta today at University Ford of Durham! Remember, this new Ford in Durham is all about YOU and what amazing driver experience you would like to create. Let us at University Ford of Durham help you figure out your perfect Ford pathway on this exciting car buying journey today! 

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