Introducing the 2019 Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

Get ready to meet the new 2019 Ford Explorer in Durham, NC today!

The 2019 Ford Explorer in Durham, NC is more ready than ever for excitement and adventure at University Ford of Durham. Powerful, rugged, and full of intricate details, the 2019 Ford Explorer is a MUST see and a MUST drive.

For every vehicle at University Ford of Durham our main priority is to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that you can depend on and that you can’t stop thinking about. The 2019 Ford Explorer is no exception. What makes the 2019 Ford Explorer so dependable are five factors, that when all rolled into one stylish package, create the ultimate Ford driving experience in Durham, NC. The first and one of the most crucial factors for any vehicle is the engine. The 2019 Ford Explorer Sport and Platinum models both boast the 3.5 EcoBoost Engine which seamlessly combines turbocharging and direct injection. Plus, for all the speedsters in Durham, NC the EcoBoost Engine will have you zooming with 365 horsepower plus 350 lb-ft of torque. If you are more inclined to check out the classic models when first researching your perfect Ford vehicle, we at University Ford of Durham think you will be pleasantly surprised with the 2019 Ford Explorer base model. The 2019 Ford Explorer base model offers the impressive 3.5 Ti-VCT V6 engine standard, which solidifies the 2019 Ford Explorer as the vehicle with engine options galore, no matter where you look!

We at University Ford of Durham are also keenly aware that performance isn’t only about the engine. In the 2019 Ford Explorer, peace of mind will never be far away thanks to the comprehensive and intuitive features offered on all models of the 2019 Ford Explorer in Durham. Just one of these exciting performance features is the available Terrain Management System. The Terrain Management System is an instinctive platform that transforms your vehicle at the snap of a finger to handle grass, sand, snow and even gravel. Grass/Gravel/Snow mode unleashes faster upshifts and adjusts the engine torque ever so slightly to increase traction and control on hard surfaces covered in precarious items, like metal. If you encounter sand on any of your travels, have no fear! With the Terrain Management System, the Sandman will never get the best of your 2019 Ford Explorer due to the delivery of maximum torque to the wheels and how the setting keeps the transmission in its lower gear for as long as possible so the wheels can spin as much as they need to. Whatever the open roads in Durham, NC throw your way, the available Terrain Management System is here to help you all the way through!

For anyone and everyone in Durham, NC who hauls, pulls, and carries in their vehicle, the 2019 Ford Explorer has the reliable and dependable performance you can count on coupled with improved technology and engineering. Building upon the original AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, the 2019 Ford Explorer introduces new and improved Towing and Trailer Sway Control. Towing and Trailer Sway control may sound self explanatory, but there is much more than meets the eye. The Towing and Trailer Sway Control selectively brakes and adjusts engine power to maintain trailer control even when you are towing immense loads, resulting in you the driver, having complete stability and control of your trailer and your adventure.

Towing/trailer control and stability are essential components of the 2019 Ford Explorer, but we at University Ford of Durham are also thrilled to tell you about two more spectacular features that make the 2019 Ford Explorer in Durham your dependable and reliable SUV in NC. The first feature is the Class-Exclusive Curve Control which comes standard on all 2019 Ford Explorer models. In one second, the Curve Control feature will slow you down as much as 10mph while rounding a precarious curve to make sure your safety is taken care of lickety-split. Whether you are driving on wet or dry road, and is essential when entering or exiting those busy freeway off- or on-ramps. Coupled with the Curve Control feature Hill Descent Control is another integral part of the 2019 Ford Explorer. On 4 Wheel Drive models of the 2019 Ford Explorer, you can activate standard Hill Descent Control so the braking system automatically engages as needed to keep you in full control while descending a steep hill.

A plethora of powerful engines and exciting state-of-the-art features like Terrain Management System, Curve Control, and Hill Descent control are just of the reasons why the 2019 Ford Explorer in Durham is the reliable and dependable SUV at University Ford of Durham in NC. Come on over to 601 Willard Street, Durham, NC, 27701 to check one out today!

Source: Ford