Ford Launches SYNC4!

The Ford Sync 4 technology is here to make your infotainment and car entertainment even more fun. The Sync 3 was launched in 2016 and received rave reviews for its incredible features. While Ford has not revealed which vehicles will include the new Sync 4, they have given out the latest additions included with this update. The Ford Sync 4 is all set to arrive in 2020. 

What Are The Latest Updates?

For starters, the Ford Sync 4 system offers twice the computing power of the Sync 3, which will enable functions to be carried out much easier and quicker. The graphics are also much more polished as compared to the previous versions. The Ford Sync 4 has been designed taking the larger car screen sizes into consideration. It is most likely that the screens present in the next-gen F-150 or any of the upcoming EVs will include the Sync 4 update. 

The Ford Sync 4 is also enabled with quite a few multi-tasking tools that allow the driver and passengers to access the system in quite a few ways. The 12-inch screens will now be able to split into two windows – one larger and one smaller. This feature will allow you to access both navigation and audio at once. The larger, 15.5-inch screens can be enabled with ‘Adaptive Dash Cards’, which are designed to help you keep multiple tabs open at the same time, making it easier to access without having to push too many buttons. 

The Ford Sync 4 will also feature an excellent cloud connection capability. With a slew of electric vehicles lined up for release, the cars will also be able to detect for the presence of electric car chargers in the near vicinity. Ford has also improved the function by including conversational requests in the form of commands. For example, a command like ‘Locate the best restaurants near me’ will yield you plenty of options. The machine learning technology will allow the car to quickly accustom itself to the driver’s routines and habits. 

With all of these exciting updates, Ford has lined up the best infotainment options for our use. If you wish to know more about Ford vehicles, you can visit us at University Ford Dealership in Durham, North Carolina.