What Should a Basic Ford Vehicle Service Include?

You certainly don’t want to drive through the streets of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Cary without making sure you’ve done a basic car service first.  

The interim service for your car will happen every 6 months (or 6000 miles), while a full car service is a more comprehensive check-up and happens annually or after every 12000 miles. In general, a basic car service should include the following:

  • Monitoring your vehicle’s engine oil level and oil filter condition, and upgrading or replacing it if needed. It should also ensure that the vehicle has ample windscreen washer fluid and supplement the coolant levels of the engine and power steering fluid if necessary.

  • Lights, including front, side, rear, main, hazard, indicator, brake and reverse, fog, and registration lights, should be checked to ensure they are working properly. Front and rear windscreens, windscreen washers, and wipers should also be serviced. 

  • Checking the brake fluid and associated pipes must form part of your car’s basic service. Moreover, the brake pads should be checked and serviced to make sure that they’re the correct depth. 

  • Critical electrics in the vehicle should be inspected, including the motor of the alternator and starter, as well as leaks and visible signs of damage or wear and tear on the battery and car wiring. Services should also ensure the functioning of critical instruments, like the rev counter, speedometer, horn, gauges, and mileage counter.

  • For visible damage like splits and punctures, tires should also be tested. Ensuring that they have the minimum recommended depth of tread and are inflated to the correct level of pressure is important. Wheel bearings, balancing, alignment, and suspension should also be carefully inspected.

  • Components of the engine must be tested and checked vigorously, including the transmission and rear axle, suspension linkages, coolant hoses, radiator, shock absorbers, clutch, fuel, and air filters, auxiliary drive belt, ball joints, spark plugs, fuel pipes, driveshaft joints, gaiters, and exhaust.

  • Interiors should also be cleaned and inspected. The items in question here include the seatbelts, mirrors, doors, locks, and handbrake. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit University Ford in Durham, NC, for reliable car services for your prized possession today!