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Ford Security and Safety

Every so often the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reviews safety requirements and updates the standard safety requirements of all automobiles in the U.S. As a result, safety features that were a luxury a few years ago have now become mandatory for all vehicles. From better material used to build the exterior to technologically-assisted safety features, safety is not an option any more. It’s a necessity, and the more safety features the better protected you are.

Its surprising to note that a lot of cars – and we are talking about economical everyday cars come with a suite of safety features that once were available only in the high-end models.

Ford believes that safety comes first. Over the years, this giant automobile company has produced cars that sport sturdy bodies built made of high-quality steel that is designed to counter high collision impacts. On the inside there are tons of security features to make driving a safe experience.

Why does Ford safety differ in each model?

Safety is necessary, but safety is also expensive. There are those who are quite happy with the standard safety features and would rather not buy the expensive addons. Ford lets you decide how much addon safety you wish to possess while strictly providing the standard safety measures.

How do the Ford safety packages differ in its cars?

Let’s take a look at the Ford Edge in Durham. The 2019 model has standardized the safety automatic emergency braking system as an added precautionary safety measure. The safety system is the Ford Co-Pilot 360 – a suite of five very smart safety features that make the Edge all the more reliable, safe, and secure.

Then there is the Ford Fiesta in Durham. All the critical parts of the Fiesta’s body are made of high-strength boron steel. Safety inside the cabin comprises of 7 airbags and first- and second- row side curtain airbags to soften the impact of a collision. There is an extra airbag between the driver’s knees and instrument panel.

What is the Ford CoPilot 360?

Over the years, Ford has rolled out several tech-assisted safety features. Now however, the automobile giant has packed together five of its best safety measures under the name CoPilot 360. The five features that make up this package are:

·      Automatic emergency braking

·      Blind spot monitors

·      Backup cameras

·      Lane keep assist

·      Auto high beams