15 Cars That Shaped the Ford Motor Company

When you talk about brands responsible for the evolution of cars, it is hard to overlook Ford’s contribution. The company started operations in 1903 and remains relevant to this very day. Here are 15 cars that shaped the brand’s glorious journey.

Model T: This was the first car in the history that was priced to suit the common man. The car was launched at a price of $850 but was later reduced to $260.

Model 18: Launched in 1932, the car ran for a good 19 years. Ford also introduced V8 power in the market with the Model 18.

Ford F-1: This was Ford’s foray into pickup trucks. The truck offered great space and a modern look. The vehicle also offered a horsepower over 95.

Ford: This car actually changed the course of Ford’s journey. After World War II, the company had been running losses, but the 1949 Ford turned the tables for good.

Thunderbird: Thunderbird was Ford’s first luxury convertible car with two seats. The car was all about style, spunk, and panache.

Fairlane 500 Skyliner: This was the first car in America to have a retractable metal top.

Mustang: This car was inspired by European sports cars and offered features like bucket seats and floor shifters. 

Bronco: With Bronco, Ford ventured into the SUV domain. 

Mustang Boss 302: This was the company’s attempt to enter the racing car market. The car ran on a V8 engine and offered a horsepower of 290.

Taurus: Taurus was introduced to dominate the mid-size car section. Ford took inspiration from Japanese models of the time and won the Motor Trend Car of the Year award in 1986 for it.

Explorer: Another SUV like Bronco, this car presented a truck-like exterior and a V6 engine and was an instant hit with families.

Ford F-150 Lightning: The Lightning was Ford’s first performance pickup truck.

Ford GT: This was the first to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in America.

Mustang: Ford reinvented its Mustang with a newer version. The car offered V6 and V8 engines with a horsepower of 305 and 420, respectively.

Ecosport: Joining in the current trend of subcompact SUVs, Ecosport offers a stellar infotainment system and a robust engine.

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Source: Ford