Ford Green Fuel Options

The world is going greener, and so are automobile brands. At the helm of the automobile green revolution is Ford. The American giant has come out with a wide range of green fuel options. Ford's sustainable Green Fuel Ford runs in an exceptional fashion.

Sustainable Fords in Durham

1. EcoBoost
    When it comes to the most fuel-efficient Ford engines, the EcoBoost takes first place. The turbocharging engine sports a Ti-VCT. This enhances the fuel much better and makes for a smooth, noiseless drive. 
    Some Ford cars in Durham, NC that offer the EcoBoost are:
  • Mustang
  • Explorer
  • Focus
  • Fusion
  • Fiesta
  • Escape
  • 2.  All Electric
      Some of the best green fuel Ford models in Chapel Hill boast an all-electric engine. The entire world is moving towards fully-electric vehicles. Ford’s range of eco-friendly cars is the most sustainable vehicles available today.
    4. Hybrid
      Hybrid engines have a reputation for being fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. Specific Ford cars can switch from gas mode to electric to ensure less fuel usage. (Such as C-MAX, Energi, Fusion, Escape, and Explorer.) You can also switch between settings for better performance and sustainability. 
      The best part? The performance of these cars never gets affected due to the constant switching over. 

    5. Plug-In Hybrid
      Ford’s plug-in hybrid variants leave behind a negligible carbon footprint. (Like the conventional hybrid.) The advantage? With this engine, you can recharge the engine whenever to ensure you don’t revert to gas. 
        There are several plug-hybrids at our Ford dealership in Cary:
  • Fusion
  • Escape
  • Explorer PHEV

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