Towing Features on the Ford F-250

Regardless of why you need a towing vehicle, you cannot discount the efficacy of a truck that allows you to transport over a thousand pounds at one go. The Ford F-250 is one such graceful truck that handles heavyweights with charm and ease.

Towing Capabilities

The 2020 Ford F-250 boasts a conventional towing capacity of over 22,000 pounds. The 6.7-liter engine V8 Turbo Diesel Engine has Ford's patent Power Stroke technology, which offers an amazing 475 horsepower with 1,050 lb-ft torque.

The towing powers of the Ford F-250 are further enhanced with the G 6-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission. You do not have to worry about bumpy rides with this transmission, as it protects your cargo and your truck at the same time with smooth and quick shifting. 

The SelectShift Automatic Transmission allows you to customize the power of your truck depending on your terrain to maximize power. You can switch between the Tow/Haul modes to minimize the chances of your gear crashing into your vehicle while going downhill, and increase the acceleration power when the car moves uphill.

Other Capabilities

The Ford F-250 can perform several functions besides just towing and hauling. Most importantly, the truck can carry up to 22,800 pounds when it comes to gooseneck/5th wheel towing, making it the perfect model if you are moving supplies from one place to another.

The truck is not only perfect for gooseneck/5th wheel hauling, but it can also draw quite an impressive amount of weight when it comes to payload, with the ability to pull over 4,260 pounds at one go. Impressively, the payload abilities of the Ford F-250 go beyond its gooseneck and towing abilities.

Safety Features

The Ford F-250 also has a variety of features that help you be safe on the road, such as Blind Spot Information System, Trailer Camera, and Cross-Traffic Alert among others.

Having a vehicle that can handle all the weight you throw at it is necessary for convenient towing, and the Ford F-250 manages to do just that. If you are looking for F250s on sale, drop into our Ford showroom in Durham, NC, which is also quite near Cary, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. You will find F250s for sale at affordable prices with attractive payment options

Source: Ford