Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Ford

Buying a car always comes with certain risks and expectations. A new vehicle is not the most affordable option for people looking to buy their first one. With a second-hand variant, you always run the risk of buying something that will break down within the first year.

Ford Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are pre-owned models that undergo strict quality-control tests and repairs to give the customer the best value for their purchase, making them rank higher than the average product at your local garage. You should definitely consider Ford CPO vehicles because they offer the following benefits:

Extended Warranty
Used cars often cannot get warranties as they override the resale conditions of the manufacturer. Ford has a special warranty program for CPO vehicles that you can easily extend. You may not get a warranty equivalent to that of a new car, but it will serve you for many years.

Free Maintenance
You can get free maintenance for a certain period with many CPO programs. The dealer can include several specific conditions for maintenance such as free servicing after certain miles or oil changes and tire rotations at regular intervals.

Leasing Programs
CPO vehicles have the properties of a new car with the attractive payment options of a used automobile. CPO leasing programs give you the opportunity of driving your dream car at a monthly rate that is affordable and does not negatively influence your credit score.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Ford's satisfaction guarantee allows you to exchange your car for a new one of you are not satisfied. However, the satisfaction guarantee is only valid until a specific mile or limited time.

Quality Assurance
Ford CPO vehicles stand out because of their quality guarantee. For them to classify as certified, they must go through many checks and inspections, so you can be sure that you get high quality.

Ford CPO vehicles offer the guarantee of functioning as a new car with the price of a used vehicle and the assurance of Ford. University Ford in Durham, NC, gives you the flexibility of convenient payment options, so you can buy your favorite Ford model without worrying about affordability.

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Source: Ford