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2019 Ford Fiesta

Spoilt for choice – that’s what the 2019 Ford Fiesta in Durham is all about. Hatchback or sedan? EcoBoost engine or the standard one? Sporty or Economy? The world is moving away from hatchbacks to crossovers, and Ford will probably go that way over the next decade or so; but for now, it’s given us the sleek, stylish and sporty Fiesta – a spacious vehicle that offers more choice than any other.

Spoiled for choice?

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is available in the S, SE, ST Line, and ST models in 10 brilliant colors. Sub models include Fiesta Hatchback, Fiesta Sedan, and Fiesta ST. The mix-n-match combinations are mind-boggling, but luckily, its easy to pick up a higher model with more features that are unavailable in previous models.

The S model is fitted with a standard 1.6L VCT 1-4 engine, while the SE, ST Line, and ST models are fitted with the new 1.6L EcoBoost engine.

For those who want a more old-feel, rugged drive, there’s the 5-speed manual which is the standard gear in the S model. The other models offer a modern, smoother driving experience with state-of-art 6-speed automatic transmission.

Technology at play in the Ford Fiesta

The technological assistance that comes along with all four Fiesta models are both voice-activated and touchscreen. Included in all four models is the voice recognition, turn-by-turn driving directions, and emergency assistance. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are standard in all four models. If all this sounds complicated, know that it really isn’t with the new tech-friendly console.

Ford has added some new interiors including soft upholstery in the 2019 Fiesta.

The SE and ST Line get the ‘cold package’ that includes heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors, heated steering wheel, automatic temperature control, and floor liners.

Safety measures in the Ford Fiesta

All the critical parts of the Fiesta’s body are made of high-strength boron steel. Safety inside the cabin comprises of 7 airbags and first- and second- row side curtain airbags to soften the impact of a collision. There is an extra airbag between the driver’s knees and instrument panel.