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What is Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology?

The new Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology is smart, responsive, and provides Ford drivers in Durham, NC with the priceless peace of mind that they are secure and protected while driving their new Ford sedan, truck, or SUV in Durham, NC. The Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology is essentially comprised of 12 unique Driver Assist features that help Ford drivers stay alert and visible on the open roads of NC and the city streets of Durham. We broke down all 12 of these features so all Ford drivers in Durham, NC can stay up to date on this new technology and see if these features will work for their own respective driving conditions and habits. Currently, a multitude of Ford vehicles contain features of this new Ford technology and we at University Ford of Durham wanted you to be aware of which new Ford models you should be looking at in Durham. The Ford models that have features of this new Ford technology are the following: 2019 Ford Fiesta, 2018 Focus, 2019 Ford Fusion, 2018 C-Max Hybrid, 2019 Ford Mustang, 2019 Ford Taurus, 2018 Ford EcoSport, 2019 Ford Escape, 2019 Ford Transit Connect, 2019 Ford Edge, 2019 Ford Flex, 2019 Ford Explorer, 2018 Ford Expedition, 2019 Ford Ranger, and 2019 Ford F-150 in Durham.

BLIS, or Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert is the first safety feature in this line-up. This feature assists you in alerting and detecting the driver to vehicles or other obstacles that may be hiding in your blind spot. The second nuance of this safety feature is the Cross Traffic Alert component. This unique feature detects traffic flowing behind you when you are backing out of a parking space or a driveway.

The second feature on our list may seem simple but it is crucial to maintaining that you are safe and secure in your new Ford in Durham. The second safety feature is the Navigation System. This comprehensive Navigation System gives you turn by turn directions and allows you to customize your Ford route when you ask the Navigation System to pinpoint then nearest gas station or a coffee shop along your planned route in Durham, NC.

The third feature is the Evasive Steering Assist which makes it easier for you to avoid a potential collision either on the city streets of Durham or the open roads of NC. This special safety feature does not direct the Ford vehicle for you but it automatically provides additional support once your Ford vehicle warns you with a sound. Once this sound automates you will be aware that you need to deftly maneuver around the vehicle or obstacle ahead of you.

The next safety feature in the Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology suite is the Enhanced Active Park Assist. This feature is practical for every Ford driver and especially those who are nervous about parking into tight spaces. All you need do to activate the Enhanced Active Park Assist is activate, shift, accelerate and brake while your new Ford vehicle finishes up of the rest of the parking process. Park Out Assist is a unique feature integrated into the Active Park Assist that contains side-sensing capability so you can avoid those tight squeezes when maneuvering out of a narrow parking space in Durham, NC.

Fifth, we at University Ford in Durham are offering with Ford the Hill Descent Control. The Hill Descent Control aids in operating steep hills and challenging terrain especially in Durham when you have a trailer connected to your new Ford Escape in Durham for example. The Hill Descent Control safety feature helps maintain your speed and automatically involves the brake function so you can stay at a speed that is comfortable and not erratic when moving or shifting heavy items onto or off of steep hills and inclines.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps is the next safety feature on our curated list. These Ford headlamps sense poor lighting and automatically turn on to guarantee you can see on the open roads of NC and be visible to other drivers at the same time. In addition, the Auto High Beam-Headlamps can sense approaching headlights and will dim automatically, so you never have to worry about potentially distracting another driver again.

Sixth on our list is the Lane-Keep System. Lane-Keep Assist is a safety feature truly acts like you co-pilot by alerting with an audible warning that you have wandered too far from the center lane, creeping to the edge of the line in your new Ford in Durham.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking scans the road ahead and alerts you to potential collisions with pedestrians or vehicles. This feature even can recognize if the collision is impending. Once your new Ford senses that distinction the brakes of the new Ford will be utilized and only if they are needed for ultimate safety and security on the open roads of NC.

The seventh feature on the list is the Adaptive Cruize Control. Adaptive Cruise Control is a unique feature because it slows down your vehicle if the traffic ahead has slowed to a halt or just slowed down for the moment. When the pace picks up your new Ford will resume the speed you had originally set! Sometimes, its the little things in life that make a new Ford at University Ford of Durham the best Ford in Durham for you!

For optimal visibility in your new Ford in NC, the Rear View Camera is the perfect feature in the Co-Pilot360 Technology. Essentially, the Rear-View Camera allows you to view what or who is behind you when you are reversing you new Ford through the parking lot or backing out of the driveway.

Ford trucks are known for their durability and toughness but with the Co-Pilot360 Technology, the Pro Trailer BackUp Assist adds upgraded technology into the mix. The Pro Trailer BackUp Assist allows you to navigate your unwieldy object with just the flick of a knob. All you need do is simply rotate the knob in the direction you want the trailer to move and boom! Trailer moved. Onto the next task in your new Ford truck.

To piggyback on the previous Co-Pilot360 Technology, the BLIS with Trailer Coverage acts as a lookout specifically for your trailer on your new Ford truck or Ford SUV. This safety feature alerts you not only when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot but also when a vehicle is encroaching on the side of your trailer in Durham, NC.

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