2019 Ford Fusion Energi

2019 Ford Fusion Energi

Over the last few years, we have seen quite a few versions of the Ford Fusion. This model is available in the gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid variants. The exterior of the Fusion is elegant and has won a lot of praise, and it’s the same with the 2019 Fusion Energi – a new best-in-class plug-in hybrid.

Unlike teeny little electric cars that we are used to seeing on the road, this is a full-sized sedan. Performance-wise, it is a truly spectacular plug-in hybrid - what this means is that it can be plugged in to charge its batteries. This car is very fuel-efficient and has been certified by the EPA to deliver a combined 97 mpg, which is good for driving up to 26 miles purely on the battery – over 20% more than last year’s model. It can also cover a whopping 610 miles on both gas and electricity. Plugging it in for a charge is very easy and can be done from the comfort of one’s home or office with a standard 120-volt convenience charge cord. When charging, the charging port illuminates in sections as the charge gets higher.

Charging is much faster when you use the AeroVironment 240V home charging station that completes charging in only 2.5 hours. The MyFord mobile app and website can be used to monitor this charging as well as schedule when to do so. The app and website also alert you of any charging stations nearby.

A 2019 Ford Fusion Energi in Durham is fitted with the new Ford Co-Pilot 360 – a technology-enabled suite of features to keep you safe on the road. The suite has five standard features including a rear-view camera that shows what's directly behind the car by displaying full-color live-video on the LCD screen right in the center of the instrument panel.

Blind spot information with cross-traffic alert warns you of vehicles that fall within the area of your blind spot. In addition, pre-collision assistance with emergency braking automatically applies brakes to reduce the severity of a collision. Finally, auto high-beam headlamps help clearly make out objects and vehicles ahead of you in pitch-black conditions.

Source: Ford